Wiffle Ball Tournament

Wiffle Ball Tournament


Champions - LH Show Time

3-5 players per team ($125/team regardless of how many players); 40 teams max

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Wiffle Ball 2018 Team Sign-up Sheet (2).docx


Date: April 29, 2018

Time: 9:00 am start time

Location: SW Williamson County Regional Park, 219 Perry Mayfield Blvd.

Contact: Matt Hartgrove at 512-688-0709 or Bryon Short at 512-689-7421  for details or to sign up


CHAMPIONSHIP Single Elimination Bracket – Based on Win/Loss record and run differential.

Prizes awarded to 1st and 2nd place teams!!

Home Run Derby


Hot Dogs and Hamburgers will be for sale along with Gatorade, water, candy, chips,  and soda

RAFFLE PRIZES:  Samsung 55" 4K Ultra HD TV, Yeti Hopper, GoPro Hero6 4K, Flemings Gift Card, III Forks Gift Card, iPic Gift Card



  1. A batter is OUT if a ball hits the ground BEFORE the singles line and is caught CLEANLY while still rolling or spinning – no matter where caught.
    If the ball hits the ground AFTER crossing the singles line (or double or triple line) it is NOT an out even if caught cleanly and where the ball initially lands determines if it’s a double or triple or HR.
    2. A batter is OUT on any ball caught in the air, except that you can NOT go past the “HR line” to catch a ball in the air – you can stand in front of the HR line and knock it down or bat it back into the 3B line, though.
    3. NO BASERUNNERS – only ghost runners – i.e., a single means a man on first; each hit with a man on base advances each base runner the number of bases the next hit gets – i.e., a single advances ALL base runners by 1 base – a double advances each runner 2 bases, etc.
    4. Pitching target – stadium or folding chair – if you hit the chair ABOVE the legs it is a strike.  Any pitch not swung at and that hits the target is 2 strikes!
    5. Double plays – with any runners on base, you can get a double play if you catch a ball cleanly for an out (grounder or fly) and can hit the chair/target with an immediate throw

2nd Annual Wiffle Ball Pictures

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